Comprehensive Aquarium Management

More than just aquarium maintenance

Our service fleet is fully equipped to handle all aspects of aquarium management

Water Parameter Testing

The only way to know exactly what is happening in your aquarium is by performing water tests. It's so important, that we incorporate a parameter panel test into all of our maintenance programs as a standard practice. We also send a water sample to a lab for an annual full panel analysis, just like your annual physical!


We understand that over time, your wants and needs grow. We carry a full line of high-quality aquatic equipment that we can stand behind. When the time arises, we will craft a plan to meet your goals and budget. Our team will continually inspect your equipment and maintain it, keeping your aquarium running in good order. When replacements or repairs are needed, we can take care of it without issue.


Enjoy your aquarium in ways you never imagined! Our design team is well versed in state of the art lighting for both health and ambiance. With this technology, we're able to bring out amazing coral colors and can fine tune it to your liking. We also offer lighting maintenance as part of our maintenance plans, including lamp replacement and general upkeep.

Curated Food Program

SEA offers an optional food program where we will supply a frozen food blend specifically developed by SEA marine biologists for the occupants of your aquarium, packaged into single use containers. The SEA food program will ensure proper dietary needs are met and fortify your livestock with essential vitamins. Our staff is happy to feed the fish during the visit.

Ongoing Maintenance

Somebody has to clean the aquarium and if you'd rather it not be you, give us a call. Our team will handle all aspects of aquarium maintenance: cleaning inside and out, servicing equipment, performing water changes, changing filter medias, and adding supplements to balance the water chemistry.

Fish & Invertebrates

We source fish from only the best collectors and suppliers with verified sustainable supply chains. We then inspect and quarantine every animal. Once they've been treated for wild pathogens, we train them to eat prepared foods. Only when a fish has passed its health assessment will it be offered for sale. This not only helps keep diseases to a minimum, but increases the lifespan of your pets.

Live Corals

Adding corals to a reef aquarium must be done strategically, allowing for growth and reducing territorial issues. Our team is dedicated to using aquacultured corals, raised in sustainable domestic coral farms, providing you with healthier corals while protecting our precious natural reefs.

Aquascaping & Decor

Unhappy with your current decor or just looking for a change? Whether you want a refreshed look or a total revamp, we are up for the task. Our passionate team is prepared to deliver the perfect solution for your aquarium, combining art with nature.