Lobby unrecognizable after SEA makeover

First impressions

Having a poorly designed aquarium in your business is the fastest way to reducing customer satisfaction. We all know that first impressions are the most important and you rarely get a chance to undo that impression. If your aquarium isn’t up to par or your current service company isn’t performing for you, the team at Southeast Aquariums is here to help in a big way.

From Design to Execution

Unfortunately for this client, rehabilitation of the current aquarium simply wasn’t possible at a reasonable cost. Sometimes, you can spend more money trying to fix something than it would take to simply start over and do it right. And that’s exactly what the team did here with a custom aquarium and cabinetry that not only suits the space, but amplifies it!


The existing aquarium was an eyesore: poor filtration resulting in dirty water, poor lighting, and unpleasing cabinetry.


Team SEA fabricated a completely new aquarium with proper filtration and lighting and set it inside custom cabinetry that really brought it all together. Once filled with fish, this will be another amazing aquarium that’ll bring smiles to many faces for a very long time.


If you’d like to explore upgrading your aquarium or creating a new one, contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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